Dendy Park Tennis Club Governance and Committee

Governance and Committee

Dendy Park Tennis Club Inc. is an incorporated not for profit association. The Club's activities are conducted according to the regulations contained in the Association Incorporation Act 1981. The Dendy Park Tennis Club Inc. Constitution is approved by Consumer Affairs and the Club is required to report annually to Consumer Affairs on its financial position and membership. The financial statements of the Club are subject to an audit by the Honorary Auditor each year.

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The Club's major activity is tennis as required under the terms of the Club's lease agreement with City of Bayside.

Members of the current Committee of Management ("the Committee") elected by members with full voting rights are:

  • Tim O'Shannassy, President
  • Steve Walker, Vice President
  • Brad Piner, Secretary

General Committee

  • Barry Pryor
  • Dean Ellis
  • Lyn Price